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New Interview by Haik Aharonian on June 1, 2007 (Nor Hayazk)
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Mesrob Mutafian II,
the Patriarch of Turkey,
met with
Melkonian Alumni & Friends Chairman Raffi Zinzalian
Ardashes Tchavoushian, chaiman of Melkonian Alumni in Istanbul.

They discussed the legal cases in Los Angeles, California,
Nicosia, Cyprus

Save Melkonian Campaign continues unabated...
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Cyprus Sigma TV Channel
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Thank you Cyprus MEI Alumni

Melkonian TV News video Clip on Cyprus Public Broadcaster RIK
Melkonian News published in Greek by Phileleftheros on Feb. 13, 2007

Zaven Berberian
Chairman, AGBU-Melkonian California Alumni

Zohrab Shamassian

Raffi Zinzalian
Chairman, Melkonian Alumni & Friends

"Melkonian Graduates Night".

Glendale, California, June 17, 2005 – The Melkonian Alumni & Friends organized an event at Cafe Santorini, a “Melkonian Graduates Night”, to celebrate and remember their past graduation ceremonies at Melkonian Institute. The laughter and the joy of meeting classmates bring back happy memories, but this year tonight was totally different, they did not talk about their school years, they talked about the resentment they have against AGBU. For some, it has been over 50 years, others less than 10 years, but no matter what, time can not separate them, their feelings, their love towards Melkonian is so strong that every event becomes a fundraising campaign, specially now that AGBU is in the process of liquidating the school and get away with the sales proceeds of Melkonian properties.

Nothing can justify their actions. After the disturbing news of school failures, which are sponsored by AGBU, we believe that the present AGBU leadership does not have enough tools to administer schools; they can very well setup kitchen soup, help theatrical and musical groups, camps for the rich, etc. Their website, their image, tells it all.

The president of the alumni, Raffi Zinzalian, made a short speech, thanked the worldwide Melkoniantsis and alumni who have extended their financial support to California Alumni, and then Mego Godjamanian, the vice president, talked about the lawsuit, the injunction order filed in Cyprus and the need for more donations because the legal councils, whether in Los Angeles or Nicosia, both have been retained by California and all legal and professional expenses are being paid out of the bank account of Melkonian Alumni and Friends.

All alumni are requested to send in their contributions. There is no other legal representation and costs, besides the lawyers that represent Patriarch Mesrob II Mutafyan.

We truly acknowledge the determination of the Patriarch of Istanbul, to pursue all legal avenues, to stop the closure of the Melkonian Institute and preserve the only secondary Armenian co-educational boarding school in the Diaspora.

Cultural-Awareness Event
at Haigazian University, Beirut,
hosted by MEI of Lebanon

Memorial Day for Melkonian Brothers-Jan.16,2005

Past Events

Cyprus Alumni Fundraiser a great success!

More than 300 Melkoniantsis and friends turned up for the Cyprus Alumni luncheon on Sunday, Nov. 7, 2004, also attended by a delegation from the Lebanon Alumni.

The biggest absence was that of the present-day Melkonian students who were shamelessly forced indoors and not allowed to take part in an event that aims to save their school.

Rev. Fr. Der Mashdotz blessed those present, after which the guest of honor, Mr. Jack Melkonian, gave a fiery speech, condemning the actions of the AGBU Central Board to close down the school that his great uncles built 78 years ago.

"This financial institution (the AGBU) is NOT the owner of the school . . . you are, the Armenian Community and the Diaspora," Jack said, with the crowd roaring to applause.

He talked about his contacts with the AGBU executives and the deception about the true plans about the Melkonian School. "Little did I know we would come to this when I was here last time for the school’s 75th anniversary," said Jack Melkonian, adding that he would help in the struggle to keep the Melkonian open, as this has tremendous potential for the future generation of Armenians.

The first prize was a gold ring donated by Avakian Jewelers of London and Geneva, drawn from the entrance ticket. Some 30 other prizes, including jewelry, airline tickets, electronic equipment and vouchers from shops and restaurants were drawn also from the 3000 lottery tickets that were nearly sold-out.

Cash donations and pledges are expected to exceed CYP 5,000. The Alumni will be making an official announcement shortly with the full financial details of the fundraiser

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Banquet of " Kef Time 2004 "- Oct. 30, 2004
At Brandview Collections Restaurant, Glendale, California

"Save Melkonian" Banquet - June 13, 2004
Fundreaising Gala - Yerego
At Mandaloun Restaurant, Glendale, California

- Anthem - Melkonian Educational Institute
(Text of MEI Anthem)

- Mr. Garo Kassabian (Secretary)
(Message in Armenian)

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